Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 13 Post

For my web diagram, I mainly tried to highlight quickly the main areas of reform that the designers in Curitiba attempted to address with their urban changes. These areas stemmed from the main goal of a sustainable and a city laid out with priority to human resource and pedestrians. General themes such as water usage, transportation, and urban design and the changes that were enacted under each category generally fell under either environmental or social advancement. However, each idea had both the social well being and environmental sustainability of Curitiba in mind during reform, and there is a reciprocal benefit seen between the environment and social well being as a happier and more willing civilian population is far more eager to assist in environmental impact reform, which will in turn only lend to an even happier and healthier community. For example, the tube station bus system is an efficient transportation system is one of the most productive systems in the world and minimizes carbon emissions and traffic jams. In turn, civilians embrace the bus system and do all they can to support it’s continual use, such as consistently paying tolls and cutting vandalism on public property. The quick changes that Curitiban government has installed in various areas help make minor changes that are both sustainable and encourage further urban renewal and social well being. 

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